Week 24 + What is your destiny?

In the Greatest Salesman we read in Scroll VI that “I master my moods through positive action and when I master my moods I control my destiny.” I have been working diligently to control my emotions. This can be a little bit difficult when watching the following video.

This video stirred up my emotions and I did not feel very much in control of them. The message of being connected to others was not lost on me. Everything that we do is being manifested and that is WHY it becomes so important to take control of your thinking. In the Master Keys it states, “This is one of the most difficult as well as most wonderful statements to grasp…remember that no matter the difficulty is, no matter where it is, no matter who is affected, you have no patient but yourself; you have nothing to do but to convince yourself of the truth which you desire to see manifested….Every form of concentration, forming Mental Images, Argument, and Autosuggestion are simply methods by which you are enabled to realize the Truth.”

These methods have been used to make breakthroughs and then we were shown this great video to get put the creative side of the brain into play.

So when I did the exercise with my right hand I was a LION, when I did it with my non dominant hand I thought of a cheetah. Interestingly enough I did not come up with what the 80% usually do. Maybe it comes back to my Definite Major Purpose…. My enthusiasm for sharing my knowledge of thinking differently with my kids and everyone I come into contact with is infectious. Holy cats!!! I wrote my DMP finalized around week 8 maybe something is sinking in and I am becoming better daily. I look forward to hearing from your journey of growth. Make it a Super+Fantastic day!

Week 23 + Defenseless Pink Elephants


My daughter Allie was at the park with a couple of her friends. Her friends had to go home for dinner. Allie went back to the park and she came back within a few minutes very upset. Allie had another person at the park tell her some not so very nice things. She wanted to go home. We did and there we talked about the situation. I asked her if she ever heard of the 7 Laws of the Mind? She hadn’t. One of the laws is the law of substitution. Any thought can be substituted for another thought. I told her not to think about the pink elephant and then asked her if she was not thinking about the pink elephant. She saw the pink elephant. She stated that these comments kept repeating like they were on a CD. I told her to give me that CD and then she was to break it. She did a soft karate chop to the pretend CD I was holding in my hands. I said, “That CD isn’t going to break like that, you have to hit it harder.” She did it again softly. I again told her, “You have to hit it harder.” The third time she hit the CD really hard and she saw it break apart. So far today, nothing has been said about the incident at the park. I cannot THANK YOU enough for the MKMMA experience and how it has allowed me to grow.

This week we talked about the Law of least effort. There are three parts to this law. 1. Responsibility. Taking full responsibility for my situation. 2. Acceptance. I accept things as they are in this moment, not as I wish they were. 3. Defenselessness. I remain open to all points of view and not be rigidly attached to any one of them. The interesting thing was that I had commented on a social media site about a topic prior to this week and someone had responded with a differing opinion . I accepted what she said and  then did not feel the pressure to defend my point of view. I practiced defenselessness and being made aware of this is PRICELESS. I have the skills to use the law of least effort to help me accomplish anything that I set my mind to. You do too!

law of least effort

What is the your deepest fear? The video describes the answer perfectly.


Make it a Super+Fantastic day!

Week 22a + Who is Wallace Wattles???

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles was made available to us this week. While watching the video twice I picked out the following things that have coincided with the excellence of the MKMMA experience.

Wallace Wattles quote

“A man’s highest happiness is found in the bestowal of benefits of those he loves; love finds its most natural and spontaneous expression in giving.”  The Happiness progression with the 5 parts is here.  I am happier by adding these into my life. Have you put them into daily practice? If NOT, DIG IN as Mark would encourage us to do.

“The answer to prayer is not according to you faith while you are talking, but according to your faith while you are working.”

This brings me back to the correlation of Faith is the same as Persistence according to the Strangest Secret in the World by Earl Nightengale. The cool part is that we have the formula for Persistence thanks to the MKMMA and thus the formula for FAITH which I talked about it Week 11.

“Hold with faith and purpose the vision of yourself in the better environment, but act upon your present environment with all your heart, and with all your strength, and with all your mind.”

What is your ideal vision? Have you written it down? It has to be vivid in your mind so that you are able to focus on it while you are in your present environment while designing and building your future environment.

“The more things you do. The worse for you. If all your acts are inefficient ones. On the other hand. Every efficient act is a success in itself. And if every act of your life is an efficient one. Your whole life must be a SUCCESS.”


So many things come to mind that I have used throughout the last 5 months. Sitting, Focusing, Eliminating, Clarifying, Staying with my gut, Courage to pick up the phone,  Masterminding, Giving, Loving, Improving, and becoming best friends with my future me. I hope you can find something that you can relate to. Feel free to leave me a comment.

Wallace Wattles quote shine

Make it a Super+Fantastic day!

Week 22 + Connecting the dots

Your calling

Photo credit to: https://www.facebook.com/eturnerty

I was reading an article on Success.com this week that listed several people and what they learned during milestone birthdays. It was amazing to see the correlation of these successful people and my MKMMA journey.  

Susan Beverly Director, Global Citizenship and Policy, Abbott Laboratories 

When I turned 30, there was a noticeable shift. I had this aching feeling that all of the passion and zeal I had in my 20s to change the world needed something more. I finally realized I had to define my purpose in life and then pursue that purpose with intentionality.

This totally relates to the Hero’s Journey. Have you started your journey to answer “The Call”?


Wayne Pacelle

President and CEO, The Humane Society of the United States

As I head toward my 50th birthday [in 2015], I am reminded that success and accomplishment require focus and concentration. With so many portals to access information, it is so easy to be distracted and to forage for information endlessly—accumulating fleeting information, consuming a great deal of time and spinning your wheels. Tangible accomplishment takes discipline. Identify major goals in your life, concentrate on them and work to achieve them. Those are the elements of your life that you’ll remember and that will last.

magnifying glass

This goes back to the Magnifying glass. What you focus on, becomes reality. Focus on Health, you get healthier. Focus on debt, get more debt. You are Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious, and Happy! Say it with me, I AM WHOLE, PERFECT, STRONG, POWERFUL, LOVING, HARMONIOUS, AND HAPPY!

Peter Max


My biggest influence was my father, an amazing businessman who, by being creative and innovative, inspired me to become an artist. But when I was in my early 20s, I met a yogi in Paris, Swami Satchidananda, and was immediately captivated. I asked him if I could bring him to America, he said yes, and soon after that he was talking to 70 people in my living room. Right there, people volunteered $8,000 to $9,000, a lot of money in 1966, to get him established. I helped him open 52 yoga centers, most of which are still open today.

Swami Satchidananda’s message was:

Love everybody you meet, serve everybody and consider them all as your friends….

His message has served me well in business and in life.

This totally relates to Scroll II of The Greatest Salesman in the World. I will greet this day with love in my heart. From our Blueprint Builder + I eliminate hatred, envy, jealousy, selfishness, and cynicism, by developing love for all humanity, because I know that a negative attitude toward others can never bring me success.


 PS. Huge Congratulations to my mastermind partner Juan on completing his John Maxwell Certification and finding the awesome graphic of Your Calling. He had a great post this week. Make it a Super+Fantastic day!

– See more at: http://www.success.com/article/what-these-24-people-learned-at-milestone-birthdays#sthash.s8CSzOEG.dpuf

Week 21 + Plug in to Miracles

This week we learned about Einstein’s multiple choice test.

 miracles Einstein

So if we believe that everything is a miracle, You are a miracle. I am also a miracle. Not only was your birth a miracle but every single moment is a miracle. Seeing yourself as a miracle all the time can seem a little bit strange or difficult to comprehend. It leads to using Scroll V of the The Greatest Salesman in the World’s theme of living this day as if it is my last. Turning my attention to the present moment and realizing the choices I get to make that will in turn guide my path.

My word this week for the Franklin Makeover is Well Organized. 1 Corinthians 14:40 – Let all things be done decently and in order. To be well organized, things have to be done in order and decently or they will fall down.  In the Master Keys 21:7 we read, “This is one of the secrets of success, one of the methods of organizing victory, one of the accomplishments of the MasterMind. He thinks big thoughts.” Previously I had never thought of “organizing victory”.I see how you need a Definite Major Purpose, Plan of Action, Positive Mental Attitude, and a Mastermind to gain victory. Of course it is ORGANIZED.

During my sits this week I kept coming back to a situation that happened where “Joe” was attempting to get audio out through the speaker system for a meeting in a conference room. I was called to help fix the issue. Immediately I saw that the audio cable was disconnected at both ends. “Joe” stated that they had plugged in the end by the computer but no audio was coming out. I plugged in the cable at the wall and amazingly it worked. 30 seconds disaster avoided. This example kept coming back to me over and over in my sits. I kept pondering and realized the fact that Treasure lies where you stumble. I had found a simple solution however How many times have I struggled with something that could be fixed by an expert? This metaphor of plugging BOTH ends of the cable continues to provide me with wisdom. I had this feeling that God had plugged in his end of the cord and was waiting patiently for me to connect my end.

audio picture

The focus of the sits was Truth. In 21:28 Hannel states, “Truth shall make you free, that is nothing can permanently stand in the way of your perfect success when you learn to apply scientifically correct thought methods and principles.” In John 8:32

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” Plugging in this week has led me to a greater discovery of the miracle that is me and a gratitude for all the miracles that surround me. May you find truth in your journey of adventure.

Make it a Super+Fantastic day!

Week 20 + Decisiveness


My word this week was Decisiveness in the Franklin Makeover. I read an article by Dr. Rick Schaefer this week and I can’t put it better than he did so here it is:

“Make a decision to reach your … goal and get started. Once you decide to succeed, failure isn’t an option. You’ve probably gotten many things in your life because you simply made a decision. You didn’t need to know how it was going to happen you just decided it was going to happen. If you’ve failed at other … plans it’s probably because you didn’t make a firm decision to succeed. You most likely used the word try. “I’m going to try this plan.” Sound familiar? Nobody succeeds at losing weight by trying.”

                                                                Dr. Rick Schaefer

In the master keys this week it states, “Thinking is the true business of life, power is the result.” “It is this power which will enable you to plan fearlessly, to execute masterfully.” When have you felt powerful? Did it relate to a time after you spent thinking? John Maxwell referred to decisiveness as wishy washy followers are a sure sign of a wishy washy leader. Are you making decisions and then following through avoiding the wishy washy syndrome?

As we continue to read Scroll V of The Greatest Salesman in the world we added two sentences. What am I pretending not to know? What would the person I intend to become do NEXT? These questions have added to the progressions that we have been accomplishing throughout this course.  Learning about the Success Progression has been a huge bonus to me. I have had John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success hanging in my office for a couple of years and to know that I have addressed every one of the fifteen success blocks totally blew my mind. The next day I found this Ted video from John on the difference between winning and succeeding.

I am considerably farther along than I originally thought. Which block of success are you working on?

Pyramid of Success

Make it a  Super+Fantastic day!

Week 19 + Concentration or lack there of

being alive quote joseph campbell

I have to admit this is being published 6 hours late. I fired myself from the course as soon as I woke up and realized that I had gotten caught up in activities throughout the week and had procrastinated like my old blueprint has trained me to do. Waking this morning I read the Guy in the Glass, brushed my teeth,pulled out my computer, and The Greatest Salesman in the World. Reading my passage carried over from Scroll IV: I concentrate my energy on the challenge of the moment and my actions help me forget all else. So I am finishing my blog by 6am.

now image

This leads me back to being self+directed and how far I have come and how far I get to become.  In the greatest Salesman in Scoll V it reads, “ Procrastination I will destroy with action, doubt I will bury under faith; fear I will dismember with confidence.” I have noticed so many times that when I put my mind to completing a priority it always gets done but it needs to be 100% commited not 99%. I enjoyed being with my family last night however I paid the price of failing to complete my commitment on time. Lack of priority settings by me led to my old blueprint winning with instant gratification. Everyone has 24 hours in the day. I admit I messed up and now I can focus on the present. How are you doing at concentrating on the Present?

One of the homework assignments was to watch the movie, Finding Joe. In the movie it talked about the hero’s journery and how every movie and every story has the same three consistent parts: 1. Separation 2.  Initiation 3. Return. A great metaphor for the Hero’s Journey is a forest. Every person has to walk through the forest and create their own path. If they are walking on a path through the forest it is someone else’s path and not their own. I am in the midst of creating my path through the forest. How is your path coming along?


In week 19 of the Master Keys ittalked about there being two extremes to one entity. Such as the the North Pole and a South Pole (parts of the whole) which are both part of the earth (whole). In the movie they brought up the word Crisis and it’s two parts, Danger and Opportunity. I am continuing to learn that something must be pushed out for something new to come in and I welcome it. Have you been able to see the parts of the whole in whatever you are working on that is challenging you?

crisis danger_opportunity1

Imagination was my word of focus this week for the Franklin Makeover.  I found this video I thought summed up imagination and the good that is being done by using the power of living each day as your last. Ricardo refers to them as Terminal days, choosing to focus on what he would do living today as his last day.

Make it a Super+Fantastic day!

My Master Key Journey